Wooden money

Once used as emergency money in Germany during the post-recovery world war i. money printed with the southernmost provinces, also from aluminum foil, silk fabric, even playing cards the remnants of war. A collector must be brave enough to pay dearly for this strange uang2, which is the most expensive stone coin minted during the reign.


Biggest money currency ever existed in the world

This is a fractional currency record holder until recently. Printed by Hungary in 1946 with nominal 100,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 Pengo. Yes! A hundred million trillion Pengo to the exchange rate at that time was only about 20 US cents. Just look up any number of zero printed there.



If you notice it in USD money there is signature “In God We Trust”, the island nation of Palau are one step ahead. This country in 2007 print silver coin with an image of the Holy Virgin and included a bonus small bottles containing a few drops of holy water from a Holy spring in Lourdes France.


Stone edge money

On the island of Yap, an island in the Solomon Islands, you will find the “money” is the world’s largest and weirdest stone (a kind of limestone). This money have diameter of 12 feet with shaped and weighs 8 tons.
Either history or the confidence in what led to the community on the island of Yap made this stone as sacred thing, it may be the same as the modern community is highly exalt gold stone.

Because this type of stone could not be found on the island of Yap, Yap Island communities are willing to sacrifice their lives for adventure seeking these stones.
Do you know? Nominal value of this stone is judged not just by size, but is also judged on his sacrifice brought to Yap Island, including the amount of such sacrifice because of drifts